Visit Boston Massachusetts
Visit Boston Massachusetts
Hyannis Port 1962

John F. Kennedy Library and Museum

Columbia Point

Boston Massachusetts 02125

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Written by Julie Greiner
Start your day with a visit to the John F. Kennedy Library and Museum where you will step into the recreated world of the 1960's. The museum is situated on a ten-acre park overlooking Boston Harbor and is the nation's official memorial to John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States. The museum contains three theaters, period settings and 25 dramatic multimedia exhibits that offer a "you are
there" experience that recreates the world of the Kennedy White House years.

The Museum

The museum is designed to convey John F. Kennedy's enthusiasm for the American system of politics and government and to help visitors better understand our nation's recent history. As a Presidential Library, it contains a gallery of Kennedy family photographs and a 17-minute introductory film covering Kennedy's life up to his nomination for the presidency in 1960. Visitors then pass through a space evoking the sights and sound of the convention, leading to the Campaign
Kennedy Library Museum
Trail exhibit. Visitors then "attend" the inauguration of the 35th President by watching Kennedy deliver his challenging Inaugural Address. All exhibits on the Kennedy presidency, including such issues as the Cuban Missile Crisis, Civil Rights and the Space Program are housed in spaces that reflect the decoration of the presidential mansion. The work of Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy is documented in a room suggesting his Justice Department office.

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy

The First Lady's life and work to advance appreciation of the arts and encourage preservation of America's heritage, including the White House, is illustrated in an expanded exhibit on her role
as First Lady. Among the many special exhibits is a collection of new material from the estate of Mrs. Onassis. The exhibit features some of Mrs. Kennedy's writings and artwork as well as selections from her White House wardrobe worn during celebrated events and travels of the Kennedy administration. Other items include the camera Jacqueline Bouvier used as the "Inquiring Camera Girl" for the Washington Times before she met John F. Kennedy and the Emmy Award presented to Mrs. Kennedy in recognition of her famous televised tour
Oval Office
of the White House in 1962.

Legacy Exhibit

Your experience at the museum concludes with a visit to the Legacy exhibit, where you can discover how world governments honored the memory of President Kennedy. The exhibit, among many other things, shows how John Kennedy inspired many young people to participate in politics and public service. President Bill Clinton recounts his brief visit to the Kennedy White House as a teenager in 1963,and how this visit influenced his life and impacted the nation some 30 years later.

As you exit the museum you pass through the glass pavilion overlooking Boston Harbor, an
Kennedy Bandwagon
area created for reflection and inspiration. The Kennedy Library is the only presidential library in New England and one of ten in the United States. For more information on tours and visits call visitors services at 1-877-616-4599.

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